• Natasha A.

I hate "New Year Resolutions..."

New Year Resolutions suck without a plan!

Every "New Year", you have this cliche, where folk from around the globe create dates to "magically" change something about themselves. From quitting smoking to fitness and health. But do people actually think it's that easy? That once you approach this date, all of a sudden your mind clicks, and your body follows?

Very few people, 1% actually, have the will power to stop whatever habit they deemed as bad or no longer beneficial all of a sudden. But majority of us don't. And that's where you'll find yourself in month 2 of the "New Year" doing what you did in the previous year. And not because we can't, but because we didn't set up our environments to do so.

Your environment plays a huge part in your success.

Like the people your around, your friends, your family, the things you watch, consciously & subconsciously. Your morning habits, the food you shop for, the type of work you do or career you have(ie; desk job vs active job), and of course a big, big, HUGE one, your SUPPORT SYSTEM; or lack thereof! All these are components you need to consider when wanting to change anything about yourself.

And that's why so many fail, although their heart was in the right place... They took no consideration to "prep" sort'a speak.

Mapping out a plan is 1 key to many keys to your desired success. Consider meal planning, the type of gym or fitness center you'd like to join. Tell people (those who care to know) about your plans to becoming a better version of yourself. That way they know and can offer some sort of "help", tips or even join in with you!

Be intention as well as realistic with your goals!

You want a six pack? You want to become more plant based or strictly vegan? You want to stop drinking alcohol, run more, rest more? Whatever "that is what you wish to change" be intentional in doing so. But even more, be realistic. Also over-stand the amount of work and discipline it's going to take to achieve these goals. Manifest, then do the work. Believe in yourself, speak positive affirmations and create the environment in which is healthy for your growth and new journey!

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