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The importance of meditation, grounding & a Booji's Smoothie!

First off, I want to say woo-hoo to you for having the courage to read this! That says your either curious about living a better life or continuing your journey, building a better life.

Secondly, I'm no teacher, or guru, doctor or nutritionist. (None of us at Booji's Smoothies are.) "{ All of our blog post are written with our personal experiences in mind.

As I explore my own truths and uncover powers within myself that evolve from meditation, grounding and eating/drinking lots of fruit, my body changes, my mind becomes clearer and my courage to level up increases dramatically.

Who knew such ancient practices can be applied to modern day living. The idea to "sit with self" and "walk around barefoot" in nature, while chugging a #boojissmoothie would create a better version of me!

"Meditation carries much spiritual weight, freedom & wellness."

"Meditation carries much spiritual weight, freedom & wellness."

But what exactly is #meditation? And why is it highly recommended by many on a health, wellness & spiritual voyage?

Describing this amazing technique in my own words, it's a form of self love, self reflection, self rejuvenation, and connecting self to a source of "higher power" for strength, guidance, love, and inner-standing.

Meditation! The medicine for the soul and the cure to end all self inflicting behavior! Where your hidden powers & answers lay! (Pictured here: Natasha, Co-Owner of Booji's Smoothies).

Meditation is medication for the soul. With all that we balance, or try to, we all need to sit, breathe and let go. And in that release of thought, in that time spent with self, we'll receive all that we need. Many recommend meditation because it works! You learn to quiet the mind, think proactively and consciously make greater decisions. You have time to reflect and realign yourself with your truest passion and/or your goals and life purpose.

Grounding has been around longer than me! And when I learned of this technique, I quickly fell in love.

Grounding has been around longer than me! And when I learned of this technique, I quickly fell in love. Since a child I was always attracted to nature. I'm not sure if it's because my uncle would take all of us (me and my cousins) on nature walks & trails at the park regularly. Or, my inner desire to always want and need to "connect" to something greater than myself.

I actually learned of grounding while watching a video a friend sent on #emfprotection (electromagnetic field protection). And began to unveil healing properties for your body and well being in general.

Grounding, in my experience, heals me from my feet up. As I stand in nature, (on the actual ground or grass area) you feel a rising of energy. While breathing, taking notice of the trees, the sky, the sun or moon.

I like to #ground early risings because of the "sounds of nature" I hear. The birds, the crickets. Or just plain silence and the passing of cars from the close-by freeway. It's so therapeutic to take notice of my "blessings". You can feel your inner child rising, being grateful to be barefoot again!

Spending time "grounding" at Winton Woods Park. One of my favorite parks in Cincinnati to run & get in tuned. (Pictured here, Natasha. Co-Owner of Booji's Smoothies).

With grounding your connecting back to your natural self. Your vibrations are aligning with that of mother nature and you feel safe, level headed and in tune.

If you've never tried grounding, I invite you to! It may work for you as it does for me and many others.

Enjoying an array of colored, plant based foods are encouraged.

Enjoying an array of colored, plant based foods are encouraged. And plenty of us are not getting our fair share. Let alone taking the time out to show ourselves love though the above discussed practices. Our smoothies alone will introduce you and ignite a flame within to want to do better. Eat and live better.

Enjoying a Booji's Smoothie after meditating or while grounding has it's advantages too! Our #plantbased smoothies are always made fresh, with organic fruits and veggies and added #plantnutrition, making them an essential tool to our health.

An upclose shot of our Organic Blackberries we used to create a delicious, Blackberry Milk!

Fruit and Raw Veggies, rather blended in a #smoothie or eaten normally are the road to a healthier lifestyle, less medical issues and longer life spans. Utilizing these three life enhancing tools will eradicate negative habits and positively raise your life's vibration.

These 3 components are effective in any one changing their life; or continuing their new life. It's important to have proper diet and wellness regimens, if your seeking higher altitudes of human existence.

Maintaining your levels of spiritual health, physical health as well as mental health are keys to unlocking our truest potential.

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