• Natasha A.

Why a plant based lifestyle?

First off, what is plant based? And why should you even consider it?

Plant based typically means any food, beverage and snacks that are derived from only plants. This includes no meat or meat product and little to no dairy.

It's best if no dairy, but we don't judge you here!

Beginning or returning to a #plant diet has no consequences at all! You can literally get all the nutrition and vitamins you need from all of mother nature's food sources.

Where you think a lot of animals being consumed get theirs?

The point of becoming #plantbased or changing the way you live in general, means to do things you've never done. To go another route in hopes of acquiring something different.

That's what being #plantbasedliving does for me and so many others! The lifestyle brings about positive change and it feels good to know your treating your body with respect, love, and kindness. Combining that with some fitness or an already active lifestyle, you'll be feeling greater with a clearer mind, as well as a cleaner body.

Many folk who deny, or bad mouth eating less and less of "franken-foods" ie; meat, processed foods,restaurant foods etc... normally are over weight, habitually unhealthy and simply have no real facts. All of that combined, and/or they simply do not value their temples.

Again, I'm not judging, just stating my observation of some "people."

Let me also add how I use to be one of those people. Eating whatever I want, whenever I wanted. Especially when I was pregnant, lol! The struggle was amazingly real. And I too use to downplay (not often, but when I was being defensive) better lifestyle changes because I was comfortable in my element.

Change required "work" and at that time in my life I was working on everything else but myself.

A customer of Booji's Smoothies. Showing off her amazing weight loss (after having 3 children) while transitioning to a more of a plant based lifestyle; and her love of our Mango Breakfast smoothie!

With change comes uncertainty, fear and anxiety because you have to push a little harder; you have to be super intentional. Becoming plant based really only requires you to have an open mind. You don't have to quit all of the stuff you love, just find healthier alternatives! Add a little #plantfood here and there to implement more nutritional value. Add an array of different (<---- there's that word again guys, lol) colored foods.

For more of a big change, you can add #BoojisSmoothies to your daily diet or weekly meal planning! We offer #BundleDeals and #WeeklySubscription packages. If interested, use our CONTACT FORM or call us at 513-362-0763 during business hours and a Booji’s Smoothies Rep will gladly assist you!

Now that you’ve contemplated changing your life, when are you going to actually start changing your life?

Visit our MENU for healthier options. We even offer #Vegan treats for your sweet tooth!

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